Evropský sbor solidarity

Evropský sbor solidarity

Cílem Evropského sboru solidarity je nabídnout mladým lidem příležitost poskytovat pomoc potřebným, podílet se na řešení společenských problémů a zasadit se o vytvoření inkluzivnější společnosti. Díky tomu získají cenné zkušenosti inspirující k dalšímu rozvoji a osobnímu růstu.

We Are All In (23. - 27. 2., Budapešť, Maďarsko)

We Are All In (Study Visit and Partnership-building Activity is a possibility for you to come to discover several volunteering projects that contribute to inclusion and at the same time to make contact with organisations that are interested in developing volunteering projects that focus on inclusion.

Více informací a přihlašování (do 9. ledna 2020) najdete zde.

We are all living in this big world filled with contradictions. It is occupied with joy and richness but also with injustice and sadness. The world is not the same for all and there are invisible people with incredible wisdom in it. If you see the world in this way and you are willing to do your part in discovering hidden treasures you should apply for the 'We Are All In'. Please do not skip this opportunity because of insecurities or fear that inclusion and European projects are too complicated. Come, explore, learn and test yourself and we will be there to support you all the way. 

Inclusion within volunteering activity means that a young person can come to organisation that works with and for young people with fewer opportunities or/and it means that a young person with fewer opportunities goes for volunteering in some organisation that seams interesting to them. 


- that has experience in volunteering project(s) within Erasmus+ and/or European Solidarity Corps (you have Quality Label) programmes and you are willing to explore how your volunteering project can support inclusion; 

  • - that has experience in working on inclusion and you are willing to explore how you can start using volunteering as a tool for your inclusion work;
  • - that do not have any experience in inclusion or volunteering activities but has Quality Label and you are willing to develop volunteering activities that contribute to inclusion;
  • - that wants to find possible partners for future projects.

By representative of organisation we mean that you are a coordinator/manager of volunteering or and inclusion projects, youth worker, youth leader or a principal/director of an organisation.

Začátek akce: 23. 2. 2020 10:00

Konec akce: 27. 2. 2020 15:00

Kapacita: 20

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