ALLIANCES for INNOVATION - for More Competitive and Cohesive EU

Erasmus+ CZELO

In order to increase competitiveness of the EU, the Commission has opened 2 more calls under Erasmus+ programme.

With these Alliances, the Commission also intends to encourage bringing up innovative solutions to a number of social and economic challenges such as climate change, changing demographics, digitalization, artificial intelligence or rapid labour market structure change.

Organizations can participate in projects through 2 groups of partnerships:

  1. Alliance for Education and Enterprises 

In this context, the call aims to support the establishment of efficient systems of both higher education and vocational education and training that will be closely linked to the wider socio-economic environment, to the labour market as well as to the research and innovation sector, and as such will all together be able to create an innovative environment (fostering innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching, sense of initiative, entrepreneurial attitudes, etc.).

  1. Alliance for Sectoral Skills Cooperation

This call aims to develop new strategic approaches to skills development in specific sectors. Through the Alliances for Innovation projects, the Pact for Skills will be implemented by developing a sectoral skills strategy in one of the following industrial ecosystems = 1. Tourism; 2. Mobility-Transport-Automotive; 3. Aerospace & Defence; 4. Construction, 5. Agri-food, 6. Low-carbon energy Intensive Industries; 7. Textile; 8. Creative & Cultural Industries; 9. Digital; 10. Renewable Energy; 11. Electronics; 12. Retail; 13. Proximity & Social Economy; 14. Health.

All project applications are to be submitted to EACEA through the single F&T Portal by 7 September 2021 by 17:00.

For more information, please watch the Info Day session by EACEA any time here. You can find a broader context and practical information in the seminar minutes on the CZELO website. For more details on this comprehensive activity, see the Programme Guide, a brief fact sheet is also available.