Environmental sustainability: what is the future of mobility and internationalisation?

Erasmus+ CZELO

What green strategies & activities are implemented by universities in Europe? And what makes the new Erasmus+ and MSCA greener?

The European University Association (EUA)´s webinar on Environmental sustainability and the future of mobility and internationalisation explored the institutional strategies and approaches for greening of and how these are changing the landscape of internationalisation and mobility.

The discussion brought together representatives of several higher education networks and institutions, as well as the European Commission.

During the seminar, EUA presented the preliminary findings of its study Greening in European higher education institutions, which examines how higher education institutions approach environmental sustainability. In the second part, Marlène Bartes (DG EAC) presented the EU political context, focusing on the programmes invoving mobility – Erasmus+ and MSCA (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action, part of Horizon Europe). Last but not least, examples of good practice and specific green activities introduced by various European universities were mentioned.

Presentations and a recording were published on the EUA website, you can also read the minutes (CZ).