New Dates: Solidarity - opening the door to new volunteering fields

The event aims to bring together different organisations, newcomers and the ones that have experience and are interested in new fields of volunteering.

How can European Solidarity Corps - volunetering projects be implemented in fields such as climate change, social economy, libraries and museums, online activism, intergenerational dialogue, human rights and other areas? 

This networking event aims to bring together new and experienced organisations who are interested to become part of the European Solidarity Corps community; a community of active organisations that goes beyond by exploring new volunteering areas and co-creates relevant opportunities through an inspiring process. 


  • Create a frame for sharing experience in the field of volunteering, from different areas of expertise 
  • Discuss and understand Solidarity as one of the core values in volunteering  
  • Explore new fields of volunteering beyond the outreach of the former European Voluntary Service programme  
  • Motivate the organisations to join the European Solidarity Corps community 
  • Support networking between organisations and encourage them to establish trans-national projects in the framework of the European Solidarity Corps programme  

Target group

The event is for participants with the following background:  

  • Newcomer organisations / institutions interested in stepping in the Solidarity Corps volunteering action, with or without the Quality Label.  
  • Experienced organisations interested to have new partners in new fields of volunteering

Programme and methodology

The event is an networking activity that aims to generate new partnerships across Europe for volunteering. The programme will be based on the principles of non-formal learning. The methods used will be interactive and participatory. There will be space for participants to share thier experience and expertize in all types of volunteering. The programme includes field visits in Budapest.


Budapest, Hungary


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Konec akce: 23. 10. 2020 13:27