If you are an applicant from Austria please see the German version.

What are the programme’s objectives?

AKTION supports understanding between Czech and Austrian students, academics and researchers through individual scholarships and cooperation projects.

The programme offers scholarships for the preparation of final theses (master's or dissertation) for students, research stays for doctoral students or academics, scholarships for the preparation of habilitation for postdoctoral students and scholarships for participation in summer language schools.

AKTION also financially supports cooperation projects with themes of bilateral or regional interest and the aim of long-term cooperation. These activities include e.g. summer colleges, joint scientific seminars and workshops, scientific excursions for students, professional schools, research stays to acquire scientific background. It also supports the publication of outputs from completed projects and supports the preparatory phase for double degree programmes.

Target groups

  • Teachers and school staff

  • Pupils and students

What countries are involved in the programme?

  • Czech Republic
  • Austria