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Czech National Agency for International Education and Research publishes original materials on international education.

It also collaborates on the creation and translation of European studies as well as other materials, and carries out its own research.

Mozaika magazine

Mozaika zima 2023
ZIMA - Motivujte (se) k celoživotnímu vzdělávání
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Statistics and research reports


  • This brochure is one of the results of the cooperation between the VET Team and DZS. Its main objective is to contribute to improving the quality of Erasmus+ projects and to present both the selected European tools and the quality principles that are recommended for the planning and implementation of these projects.
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  • How to run a volunteer mini project

    How to run a volunteer mini project

    Practical Manual for European Solidarity Corps’ Volunteers.
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  • This brochure is aimed to help professionals who are looking for partner universities in the Czech Republic for future cooperation. It provides a brief description of the Czech higher education system, its institutions and trends in internationalization.
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  • Mid-Term Evaluation of hte Use of ECVET within the Erasmus+ Programme cover

    Mid-Term Evaluation of the Use of ECVET within the Erasmus+ Programme

    The aim of this publication is to summarize the results achieved during the implementation of ECVET, to assess them, to identify their positive and negative aspects, and to...
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Mezinárodní studie

Information materials

  • Map of Czech Universities

    Map of Czech Universities

    Czech universities offer over 1,000 programmes in English. Choose what you´d like to study and where using our STUDY IN portal.
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  • THINK SMART. Study in Czechia

    THINK SMART. Study in Czechia

    Why is the Czechia the #smartchoice?
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  • VET Projects

    VET Projects

    Cooperate with Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein and connect teaching with practice!
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  • Mobility Projects

    Mobility Projects

    Exchange your students and employees with schools in Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein!
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