Quality principles and European tools in Erasmus+

19. 01. 2022

This brochure is one of the results of the cooperation between the VET Team and DZS. Its main objective is to contribute to improving the quality of Erasmus+ projects and to present both the selected European tools and the quality principles that are recommended for the planning and implementation of these projects.

The brochure presents the results of a survey among implementers of mobility projects (KA1) and cooperation projects (KA2) under 2018–2020 Erasmus+ calls. The survey focused on their knowledge and use of European tools and other principles relating to quality assurance. It took place in June 2021. 104 respondents returned the questionnaire; the return rate was 52%. The questionnaire investigated whether the implementers used some of the following principles to support project quality, in addition to the main European tools such as Europass, EQF and EQAVET

  • tracking graduates
  • creating student portfolios
  • determining the content of mobilities through learning outcomes
  • participant assessment by a mentor
  • transparent recognition of acquired competencies.