Type of stays

  • Study stays

    Short-term study at educational institutions

  • Study visits

    Visits to schools and libraries for academic research

  • Professional practice

    Short-term practice in companies and firms

  • Further education

    Career development of school staff, youth workers and adult educators

  • Volunteering

    Volunteer activities in the Czech Republic and abroad

Where can you go?

  • Global

List of Programmes

Target group:
  • All
  • Graduates
  • Youth
  • Professionals in education
  • Youth workers
  • Teachers and school staff
  • Pupils and students

Academic Information Agency

The AIA provides information on MEYS scholarships abroad, offered under international agreements for students and academics from public universities, as well as for secondary school students (in France and Germany), and on the possibilities of observation placements and seminars for teachers of German and French. The AIA also provides information on other opportunities to study abroad.

  • Further education
  • Study visits

AKTION Austria - Czech Republic

The programme offers scholarships for stays in Austria in order to work on dissertations and theses, scholarships to attend summer schools teaching German/Czech, in tandem with Austrian students at "Sommerkolleg" and scholarships for university teachers to undertake a research/lecture stay.

  • Study visits