Akademická informační agentura AIA

Akademická informační agentura AIA

AIA informuje o nabídkách stipendijních pobytů v zahraničí na základě mezinárodních smluv pro studentky, studenty a akademické pracovnice a pracovníky veřejných vysokých škol, pro studentky a studenty středních škol (ve Francii a Německu) a o možnostech hospitačních stáží pro učitele německého a francouzského jazyka.  AIA rovněž informuje o dalších možnostech studia v zahraniči.

Barrande Fellowship Program

The Barrande Fellowship Program is an extension of the already existing Barrande mobility program organized by the French Institute, which allowed for Czech PhD students to do a research stay in France.

The Barrande Fellowship Program is open to all students registered at a Czech university, for a research stay in France, and to all students registered at a French university for a research stay in the Czech Republic. Students enrolled in the program need to have higher education diploma (Ing. or Mgr.) before their research stay abroad.

Two types of mobilities are funded by this program:

- cotutelle (double degrees);

- short stays

Cotutelle (double-degree Phd)

This scheme, called “Cotutelle” in French, is a mechanism that promotes mobility among doctoral candidates while encouraging scientific cooperation between French and foreign research teams. Candidates conduct their research under the oversight of, and with guidance from, a PhD adviser from each of the 2 countries involved in the program. Working jointly, both advisers provide a full measure of supervision for the candidate. The candidate conducts his research in France and in the Czech Republic, under the terms of the agreement governing the program, the “Convention de cotutelle”, during 3 years maximum.

For 3 years, the student spends 5 months each year in the foreign country and receives a monthly stipend (1000 € in France / 25 000 CZK in Czech Republic). Stays abroad should start on October 1st or November 1st.

Short research stays

Short research stays have a length from 1 to 3 months and must take place at a university, research center or university hospital (CHU). This mobility must answer the student’s need to stay abroad, for example to practice on specific research tools, to get familiar with a technic, to access resources only available in the foreign country, or to follow a short training etc.

PhD students doing a research internship receive the monthly stipend in amount of 1 000€ (25 000 CZK).

Click here for the details on qualifications, application procedure, and admission schedule.

Application guidelines are also published on the website of the French Institute in Prague.