International Higher Education in Post-Pandemic World. First ACA Strategic Summit Held


Academic Cooperation Association

Leaders in the field of higher education met during the first in a series of summits organized by the ACA.

The Academic Cooperation Association (ACA), international organisation uniting national agencies responsible for the internationalisation of higher education, launched the first in a series of ACA Strategic Summits which will engage with the current challenges in the field of international higher education.

These strategic summits aim to connect leaders of ACA membership organisations as well as other national agencies with international experts on higher education, creating a platform to not only interchange information, experience, and knowledge but also to create and coordinate long-term strategies.

The first in the series of summits was devoted to a strategic perspective on international higher education post the Covid-19 pandemic. The participants shared their thoughts ono the role of internationalisation in the world today and its impact on the development of the higher education sector as well as on the recovery of the post-pandemic society.

 “One of the key questions was the necessary changes national agencies supporting international education have to now undergo, to be able to face these challenges in a rapidly changing world,” said Dana Petrova, the Director of the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (DZS) and the Vice-President of ACA.

Screenshot ze strategického summitu ACA
Dana Petrova, the Director of DZS and the Vice-President of ACA, speaking at the Strategic Summit

The Summit exchanges among ACA leaders will help organisations identify ways to react to these unprecedented events, and create a path forward for internationalisation of higher education with regard to joint strategic priorities in the fields of digitalisation, inclusion and sustainability.