Programme description

The programme is implemented on the basis of  a Czech government resolution. It has two parts: the Czechs Abroad Education Programme and Czech Language and Literature Tuition Programme. 

The Compatriot Education Programme sends Czech language teachers to Czech communities abroad. It also organises an annual four-week Czech language course for Czechs living abroad, two-week course in Czech language teaching methodology for Czech teachers abroad and semester stays at Czech universities.

Under the Czech Language and Literature Lectorates Programme, Czech language and literature teachers are seconded to foreign educational institutions.

Programme objectives

The primary goal is to spread and maintain the Czech language and culture beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. 

The programme’s target groups

• Teachers of Czech for Czechs living abroad
• Czechs abroad
• Czech language and literature tutors at universities

  • Pupils and students

  • Teachers and school staff

Countries Involved

  • Global