This cooperation most frequently takes the form of an eTwinning project, in which two or more schools from different countries carry out distance learning activities using digital technologies. eTwinning also allows professional development of headmasters and mistresses, teachers and other school staff and the exchange of experiences with colleagues from abroad.

What is the goal of the activity?

To create a community of European schools, in which teachers can use eTwinning tools to find partners, to meet with others in a virtual environment, to exchange ideas and practical experiences, to gather together in groups, to expand their knowledge through educational events and to participate in online projects.

Conditions for participation

  • Two or more teachers, teaching teams or subject commissions, librarians, heads and pupils from across Europe and beyond can participate in eTwinning projects.
  • Cooperation based on the use of digital technologies can take place within the framework of a single subject or can cross the boundaries of individual subjects. The topic, start date, duration of the project and choice of project activities are under the full control of the teachers who have established the eTwinning project.
  • Nursery, primary and secondary schools entered in the MEYS register may participate in activities.
  • No advanced knowledge of digital technologies or foreign languages is required. Digital technologies are only a means of facilitating international cooperation. Teachers of all levels participate in eTwinning.

How do I apply?

  • Teachers can register on the portal. This registration and the use of the portal services is free of charge.
  • Teachers can also request assistance from the eTwinning National Support Service, which is the DZS in the Czech Republic.

Why get involved in eTwinning?

  • The eTwinning portal offers technological tools for collaboration between schools in a secure environment where teachers and pupils can meet virtually, cooperate and implement projects remotely. This allows them to improve their knowledge of foreign languages, to learn to use digital technologies in practice and to learn about other cultures and educational systems.
  • Major emphasis is placed on safety. The eTwinning environment is specially designed for schools, where pupils can communicate through chat, video conferencing and shared webpages, materials and sources that are only available to people who have been granted access by the administrators of a specific eTwinning project (i.e. mainly teachers – project founders).
  • Teachers can develop professionally through eTwinning. They can take part in different educational events organised at European and national level. The eTwinning National Support Service organises methodological seminars, webinars and international events for teachers. A list of these is available at

eTwinning in the Erasmus+ programme

  • online platform for cooperation and communication between schools under the Erasmus+ programme;
  • largest database of partner searches for schools;
  • suitable online environment for communication with partners within KA1 projects (communication with foreign schools, preparation of mobility, publication of outputs);
  • suitable online environment for project cooperation between schools on KA2 projects (project preparation, TwinSpace virtual classes for ongoing cooperation between pupils and teachers on project outputs and documents, publication of project outputs).

eTwinning in the CR

The eTwinning National Support Service provides Czech teachers with methodological seminars in the regions, webinars and a number of other events and activities, including methodological and technical support. For more information, please see the Czech information website

Who is eTwinning intended for?

  • Teachers and school staff

  • Pupils and students

What countries are involved in eTwinning?

  • European Union
  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Northern Macedonia
  • Iceland
  • Lichtenstein
  • Norway
  • Serbia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine