The European Solidarity Corps offers an inspiring experience for young volunteers in humanitarian aid programmes

The European Solidarity Corps programme is becoming the EC's main tool for bringing young people together to help..

.. while building a more inclusive society, supporting vulnerable groups and responding to social and humanitarian challenges. In this respect, the European Solidarity Corps will be the only entry point for the involvement of young people in all EU-wide solidarity actions in the upcoming programming period.

A brand new centralised action Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas should serve this goal as well while supporting 3 specific initiatives: Volunteering Teams, Preparatory Visits and Complementary Activities.

All individual candidates (aged 18-30) shall be registered on the European Solidarity Corps portal, from which they only can be selected. A quality label for volunteering in the field of humanitarian aid is a necessary requirement to fulfil for all organizations in order to be eligible for volunteering projects. It can be done any time and stays valid for the entire programming period. Please, find more details on the EC website or in the Programme Guide.

Calls for proposals will be announced via the F&T portal, followed by detailed information seminars on particular calls. The deadline for submitting applications under the Volunteer Teams activity in high-priority areas will be 5 October 2021, 17:00, and for applications for the Quality Label 22 September 2021, 17:00.

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