New European Solidary Corps Programme Has Launched. What is New?


European Solidarity Corps

Find out more about the opportunities and priorities of the new programme.

The European Solidarity Corps is an EU-funded volunteer programme which enables young people to help others in need, engage in solving social issues, and help create a more inclusive society. The programme also gives young people the opportunity to gain new skills and experience, improving their position on the job market.

This year marks the launch of the new European Solidarity Corps programme 2021–2027. Young people continue to be able to develop solidarity projects or take part in international volunteer activities. Volunteers will now also have the opportunity to support EU humanitarian aid activities in safe third countries. The new programme budget exceeds €1 billion, allowing over 275, 000 young people to participate. 

What else is new? The new programme will be more accessible for participants with fewer opportunities. Administration will be easier and increasingly digitalized. Greener, more sustainable means of transport is also one of the new priorities. The programme will also focus on ensuring the safety and protection of the health of its participants in connection to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The European Commision has published the European Solidarity Corps Guide as well as the application deadlines. Volunteering Projects (which includes Individual Volunteering as well as Volunteering Teams) and Solidarity Projects share the same application deadline which is 28 May and 5 October at 12:00 AM Brussels time.

Find out more about the programme on our European Solidarity Corps website.