Erasmus Grows. DZS Launched National Campaign to Support New Erasmus+

The motto of the educational campaign that introduces the new Erasmus+ period (2021­-2021) is "Erasmus Grows. Don't miss out."

"We want to introduce the new aspects of the programme to the public, stressing the fact that Erasmus+ is nearly for everyone and that it has never been easier to get involved," says Gabriela Pátková from the Communication Unit of the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (DZS) about the campaign strategy. "That is why our visuals focus on various population groups. International participants of the programme extend a charming invitation in accented Czech to their Czech colleagues and peers, encouraging them to get involved in international projects and visit them."

Irish primary school teacher, a librarian from Denmark, students from Sydney University, expert shoe-maker from Milan or youth exchange participants from eco-projects in Portugal – all of them appear on the campaign visuals. Together they represent various educational sectors supported by Erasmus+.

The campaign will run throughout autumn until the beginning of 2022. It will involve extensive ad placements both online and in public spaces ( for example, in CityLight showcases or on suburban transport). Special website will provide more detailed information to anyone interested. The most crucial part of the campaign is a video spot that will be screened both on TV and in cinemas. Radio fans will also not miss out. 

The campaign will also feature in a travelling exhibition, that will introduce news from the European Solidarity Corps programme. The exhibition will launch the first week in September in Pilsen, Liberec and Olomouc, and will gradually move to all regional capitals and their shopping centres. 

Erasmus roste ukázka vizuálu
One of the visuals of the Erasmus Grows campaign