Upcoming Festival to Celebrate New Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps Programmes

5 cities, 5 railway stations, 5 days full of information on how to study, train or volunteer abroad.

This year marks a new period for the Erasmus+ programme and the European Solidarity Corps programme. If you would like to study, train or volunteer abroad, there are more options than ever. The Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (DZS) is celebrating with a unique festival Příští stanice svět (Next Stop: The World), to take place onboard a train that will travel to five Czech cities in five days. We hit the road in Prague on September 14 and go on to Pilsen, Liberec and Olomouc and will arrive at our final stop, Brno, on September 18.

What can you look forward to? Workshops with experts, discussions with programme graduates and celebrities with connections to Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps. You can listen to the stories of volunteers and find out how to meet people and make friends in foreign countries, or how to pack so you travel sustainably.  There is an abundance of other programmes that might catch your attention: slam poetry, contemporary circus and two famous musical guests each evening, such as Klára Vytisková, Artway, Ventolin, Barbora Poláková and others.  Johan Mádr a Ondřej Havel will be your moderators.

We're putting the finishing touches on the programme, but you can already have a look at what we will bring to you in each city at www.prististanicesvet.cz. You can also now register. While the festival is free to enter, it is necessary to register for epidemiological reasons. We start at 3 PM and end at 22 PM in all the cities.

Check out the festival website and the Facebook events in Prague, Pilsen, Liberec, Olomouc and Brno. We look forward to seeing you there!

České dráhy, a.s. and Správa železnic are partners of the festival. 

Příští stanice svět Erasmus+