The meeting brought together 56 participants from 22 countries and allowed them to gain inspiring experiences and new contacts.

On 10 January, the European Commission published a document with measures to strengthen the role of youth in EU policies

Both programmes are implemented well, but the administrative burden, digitisation and IT tools need to be improved.

To apply for the Humanitarian Aid project in the Call 2024 you must submit the Quality Label application by 21 September.

Ministers responsible for the youth agenda adopted Council conclusions to promote the role of youth in environmental policymaking.

The European Commission has launched a debate on "How to make learning mobility a reality for all?"

A series of national seminars we have been organising for NGOs since the war in Ukraine preceded this meeting.

The aim is to promote volunteering of young people and to remove remaining barriers to cross-border mobility.

Organise your event or attend an event near you. Share your ideas with the whole of Europe.

The European Commission's newly adopted framework increases the inclusiveness and diversity in Erasmus+ and the European Solidarit