International alumni met with universities in Washington, D.C. The event was organized in cooperation with the Embassy.

Citizens from all 27 EU countries presented 21 recommendations in Brussels to increase access to and awareness of learning abroad.

NAFSA, the world's largest international education event, started today. As a tradition, the Czech delegation is attending too.

The Czech Statistical Office released a publication on students and graduates of Czech universities between 2001 and 2022.

Participants learned more about inclusion and integration in Erasmus+ projects at an international seminar in Prague.

The event brought together over two hundred international students, alumni, as well as universities and regional partners.

Another meeting of Erasmus+ traineeship graduates from 10 EU countries took place, this time in the Portuguese Azores.

We organised a meeting for students and graduates of Czech universities in cooperation with the Czech Embassy in Spain.

On the importance of international cooperation from the perspective of universities, ministries and diplomacy.

Czechia has changed its presentation strategy abroad. Therefore, Study in the Czech Republic is becoming Study in Czechia.