Czech higher education delegation heads on mission to USA, will also participate in NAFSA

Universities will foster partnerships and represent the nation globally under the Study in Czechia banner.

NAFSA 2023. Foto: DZS
NAFSA 2023. Photo: DZS

Czech higher education institutions traditionally participate in the NAFSA 2024 Annual Conference & Expo, which this year is being held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, from May 28 to 31. Under the Study in Czechia initiative’s banner, they will have the opportunity to present their activities and establish new international contacts with education experts from around the world.

Strengthening relationships with leading American universities through participation in the NAFSA conference and expo opens up new opportunities for Czech education system, students, and the country as a whole. It is a significant step towards enhancing the Czechia’s position in the global educational and research environment.

However, strengthening cooperation will not be limited to conference and expo participation. With the support of our main partners, the delegation of Czech universities will also embark on an educational and networking mission to the states of New York and Texas. The journey, which will allow penetration into the American education system and explore opportunities for collaboration with the Czech system, was significantly influenced by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Washington, D.C. under the leadership of Ambassador Miloslav Stašek. Significant partners also include the Institute of International Education (IIE), the CERGE-EI Foundation New York, CzechTrade, the Czech Centre Museum Houston in Texas, and the Texas International Education Consortium (TIEC). The planned trip of Czech higher education institutions to the United States, where they will meet with representatives of American academic institutions, represents a key step in the broader effort to internationalize education.

Its importance for the Czech educational system and the entire country is crucial. Wider university cooperation will allow students and academics to engage in international projects and gain experience from the global environment, thereby increasing their competitiveness in the international job market. Part of the planned program involves sharing experiences of American institutions in supporting innovation and technology transfer, which have a direct impact on the Czech economy. At the same time, cooperation will also help increase short-term educational mobilities, which American citizens are already highly interested in – over the last year, we have recorded an increase of 373%. They are now the fourth largest incoming group in short-term mobilities in Czechia.

During this journey, we will meet with university leaders, academics, international graduates of Czech universities, Czech scientists working in the USA, as well as with the largest Czech expatriate community in the USA - the Czech Texans - who primarily live in the southeastern part of the state in cities such as La Grange, West or "Texan" Prague. This expatriate community is proud of its roots and maintains the Czech language and culture abroad for future generations through expatriate organizations.

Stay tuned for more information and interesting facts about the conference, expo and the mission on our website.