STUDY IN online academy: How was it in the spring of 2021 and what will the academy offer in the autumn of 2021?

Klára Tonková, Study in the Czech Republic

Study in Czechia

STUDY IN online academy, a series of webinars organised by the Study in the Czech Republic initiative with the aim to expand the knowledge and skills of Czech university staff in selected topics, successfully followed up on the previous series of webinars from 2020! 

For each webinar, international speakers, leaders in their field are carefully selected. Participation in webinars remains free for all employees of Czech universities; webinars are recorded and sent to participants for their needs and the needs of their colleagues. 

The four webinars, which were loosely connected to those from 2020, took place gradually from March to June 2021 and were attended by almost 200 representatives of Czech universities. Each of the webinars was attended by at least one-third of newcomers who had never attended a STUDY IN online academy webinar before. Thanks to this, we succeed in fulfilling the goal of the academy, and we are happy about that! 

The first webinar was in line with the last year's series focusing on international online marketing and recruitment in priority regions and emphasised Latin America. The second webinar was more practical; our speakers presented the basics of controlling digital marketing and Google Analytics. The next webinar was also practically focused, this time with an emphasis on Facebook and Instagram ads. So far, the last webinar in June was devoted to the branding of higher education institutions

Of course, that doesn't end there, and STUDY IN online academy only takes a short break during the summer! The online academy will return in October and November 2021, and the webinars will focus on internationalisation

We will publish more information here on the DZS website, on the Yammer platform, and send an email to the main representatives of the Czech universities participating in the STUDY IN contact network nearer the time. 

In case of questions, please contact Klára Tonková:

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