STUDY IN academy: looking back on 2021 and a strong force for 2022!

Klára Tonková, Study in the Czech Republic

Study in Czechia

Our educational webinars have attracted almost 300 participants from Czech universities in the last year.

STUDY IN academy, a series of webinars focused on improving the knowledge and skills of Czech university employees in the field of online international marketing, student recruitment, and internationalisation, was even more successful in 2021 than in the year before that when it all started. 

STUDY IN academy offered six webinars during the year. The first webinar completed the series that began in 2020 focusing on online marketing and recruitment of international students in particular regions of the world, this time in Latin America. The following three webinars were very practical, teaching the representatives of Czech universities how to properly set up ads on social networks, how to evaluate them in Google Analytics, or how to set up a brand. 

After a summer break, STUDY IN academy returned with a new topic, internationalisation of higher education. The last two webinars of the year focused on building a welcoming environment for international students, academics, and employees at Czech universities. 

STUDY IN academy in 2021 attracted almost 300 participants from various departments, such as the rectorate, marketing, international relations, admissions, and academics. Two international speakers were invited to each webinar. The Study in the Czech Republic initiative also took on two renowned partners to co-organise the webinars, ACA - Academic Cooperation Association and EAIE - European Association for International Education

For the STUDY IN academy, however, sharing of good practice is especially important. During each webinar, a significant part of the time is devoted to discussion and a Q&A part. The participants praise STUDY IN academy and see its contribution to their daily work, and the Study in the Czech Republic implementation team is happy about that! 

And what does the STUDY IN academy has in store for 2022? The offer will be varied - 6 webinars during the year on various topics, and if the pandemic situation allows one STUDY IN academy will also be an in-person event. The STUDY IN academy will kick off with a new webinar on 10th February at 2 pm discussing the topic of double-degrees and its good practice highlighting the Czech-French cooperation. More information about the webinar will follow soon on our website. 

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