Mind Map and Fair Trade of Student Firms. How Did The European Vocational Skills Week Go?


Erasmus+ Vzdělávání

The serious pandemic situation presented the organizers with a number of new challenges. How did they do?

This year’s European Vocational Skills Week took place last week and once again showcased the best of vocational education and training. Hundreds of conferences, open doors fairs, exhibitions, and other events, organized by vocational schools, businesses, and industry associations all over the ‘old continent’, Czech Republic included, all had one thing in common – the themes of sustainability and digitalisation. These are the current priorities of the European Commission of a “European Green Deal” and a “Europe fit for the digital age”. It was the topic of digitalisation that dominated the discussion, as all events had to be moved online.

The topic of digitalisation in particular resonated with everyone, naturally, even though its relevancy was unplanned. The European Commission announced the themes in the early Spring and certainly didn’t imagine that by the time the events took place, everyone would have to rely on digital spaces,” said Eva Teysslerová from The Czech National Agency for International Education (DZS) which coordinates the initiative in the Czech Republic, commenting on the fact all events this year were online. “Just given the situation that the organizers have had to figure out how to move all events online, made them very much interested in this topic and the spirit of the events reflected this,” said Teysslerová.

To find the right path to a successful digitalisation, not only in the educational sector, it is not enough to use the appropriate technology. Education experts who spoke during the National opening event in the Czech Republic organized by DZS repeatedly emphasized the necessity of improving key competencies of employees and teachers in this sector, be it knowledge of GDPR, copyright law or the questions of dealing with cyber-bullying and fake news. “As we’ve heard several times over during this discussion, it’s necessary people leave behind the idea that after they gain qualification, their education is over – education is a life long process,” said Teysslerová about one of the topics of the event.

Evropský týden odborných dovedností v ČR: Obchodní akademie a VOŠ Příbram
European VET Week in the Czech Republic: Obchodní akademie a VOŠ Příbram

In the Czech Republic, 30 organization participated in the European Vocational Skills Week. Sadly, several organizations dropped out as it was moved online. Despite that and despite the difficult circumstances that the organizers and the visitors faced, was this year’s event a success. We present a selection of a few events from the Czech Republic.

  • Obchodní akademie a VOŠ Příbram

Fair Trade of Student Firms and a Day of Vocational Skills

Obchodní akademie a VOŠ in Příbram once again organized a Fair Trade of Student Firms and online teams from other schools joined them. There was also a variety of other activities to choose from, such as taking a financial literacy quiz. Several winners of the fair were chosen, in a few different categories – The Best Firm Presentation, The Best Flyer, The Best Logo and Slogan, The Best Advertising Spot and the Best Online Test of Vocational Skills.  

Veletrh firem VOS Příbram
The Fair Trade was a 100% online event this year.

  • Opavská Obchodní akademie a SOŠ logistická

Mind Map

Obchodní akademie from Opava chose the system of mind mapping and uploaded the individual recordings of activities to the mind map. “Our goal is to show that Logistics is a field with good prospects and that secondary vocational education is a good start to a successful career and a good steppingstone for further education. We also want to present the document “Green Deal for Europe”, pipeline transport, the project of ecological footprint, green logistics and the Erasmus+ programme. We would also like to invite visitor to go on an online excursion to a wastewater treatment plant. Guests can also compete to win interesting prices in two contests,” said coordinator Gabriel Juchelka, inviting the public to the event.

  • Educa SOŠ

Day of Digital Technologies

The school organized six online workshops on topics connected to digitalization: Erasmus+, Online Education Platforms, Photo Posters – the Art of a Good Photograph, The Art of a Good Presentation, 3D Workshop and, joined by Czech Police, a workshop on internet safety. Recordings will be posted online on the school website and available to everyone.

Den digitálních technologií
Day of Digital Technologies

The Vocational Skills Week came to a close with an online conference by DZS: Erasmus+ For Better Vocational Education that took place on the 24th-26th November and presented examples of good practices in international education.

Find all the events organized in the Czech Republic for the European Vocational Skills Week at www.objevsvujtalent.cz.

We thank all organizers for their wonderful contributions!