Erasmus+ Sport: towards a healthier, more inclusive and equal society

Erasmus+ CZELO

Erasmus+ will support grassroots sport projects to raise awareness of the role of sport in inclusion, equality and healthy life.

In the new programme period, the sports dimension of the Erasmus+ will be significantly strengthened. On 16 April, a meeting was held on traditional sports and games (TSG), bringing together representatives of sports or games associations from various Member States as well as the representatives of the European Commission.

Guglielmo Di Cola, from the Cabinet of European Commissioner Maria Gabriel, presented the political framework of the Erasmus+ programme and stressed that traditional sports and games are among the priorities of the new period. Opportunities for cooperation in the field of sport are expanding, especially for local clubs and smaller entities. An important change is that sports projects have been newly integrated into all parts of the program, including for example Cooperative partnerships.

Priorities of the coming years include social inclusion and ensuring opportunities for all, promoting the intergenerational dimension in sport, combating climate change or promoting a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. It is necessary to approach these areas comprehensively and cooperate with experts from various fields. The link between sport and cultural heritage should also be developed.

Yves Le Lostecque (EACEA) then briefly introduced the novelties of the programme, including specific sports priorities. All the necessary information can be found in the Programme Guide or in the v Erasmus+ Sport Info Day minutes (CZ).