Dana Petrova leaves her post of director of the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research

Michal Uhl, current Deputy Director, will take over the management of DZS.

Dana Petrova left the position of DZS Director after almost five years at the end of September. In her own words, she is satisfied with the progress that the organization has made and believes that it will now continue in the set direction. "I am leaving DZS with a very good feeling. What I set out to do was basically accomplished. DZS has actively taken on its role in the Czech Republic and abroad. It has built a strong and confident position in the network of national agencies and vis-à-vis Czech stakeholders, and it is perceived as a modern organization that is growing, constantly improving and responding quickly to changes and new opportunities. I hope that DZS will continue to develop in this spirit," she comments.

During Dana Petrova’s five-year tenure, DZS expanded its agenda, deepened cooperation with other national institutions, actively participated in professional debates on education at national and international levels, began conducting its own research and organizing professional conferences. With all this, it has built a position as a major player in the field of international education and has become a reliable partner for educational institutions and professionals in the field of internationalization of education. Last year, DZS strengthened its position in Europe by taking over the Czech Liaison Office for Education and Research in Brussels whose original agenda was enriched with the field of education and, thus, built a base in the European capital for Czech educational and research institutions interested in international cooperation.

Michal Uhl, current DZS Deputy Director, is in charge of the organization's management until a new DZS director is appointed. Michal Uhl plans to further develop the DZS agenda in the spirit set by Dana Petrova. "Over the past five years, I have been present at all the strategic decisions that have shaped the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research. Now my goal is to maintain the set direction and ensure the continuity of priorities until the next era of the organization," comments Uhl.

Dana Petrova a Michal Uhl
Dana Petrova and Michal Uhl