Centres of Vocational Excellence – 2021 Call

Erasmus+ CZELO

With the new call come new opportunities. Read the minutes of the info seminar.


The Centers of vocational excellence (CoVE), together with the Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ Teacher Academies, belong to the so-called Partnership for Excellence. This action defines a bottom-up approach to excellence, in which VET institutions are able to adapt quickly to evolving economic and social needs and provide learners with desirable skills required by the labour market.

Emphasis is put on the ability to work closely with other fields of education and training, the scientific community and private entities as well. This should enable learners to acquire key competences through high-quality teaching, through which innovative forms of partnership with the private sector are built and supported by continuous professional development of teachers and trainers (innovative and inclusive pedagogical approaches, mobilities and internationalization).

DG EAC and EACEA organized an info seminar on 30 April, where a new call, application conditions and several successful projects from previous years were presented. You can find more information in the minutes (CZ) and on the Funding & Tender Opportunities portal, where applications are submitted. The deadline for applications is September 7, 2021.