About DZS

About DZS

The Centre for International Cooperation in Education (DZS) is a semi-budgetary organisation, established by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic, performing tasks involved with ensuring educational, training and other relations with foreign countries under the instructions of the ministry. DZS is responsible for a number of international programmes and carries out activities relating to the promotion of education. DZS services are aimed at both individuals, students, teachers, directors of all types of schools and other professionals, and organisations and companies involved in education and local authorities and, last but not least, also the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport.

Basic information

The Centre for International Cooperation in Education has more than thirty years of history. The original purpose for which it was established - providing study and research exchanges for officially nominated grantees on the basis of international agreements, and activities associated with this, is still applicable today, although its name has undergone a number of minor changes.

The name it enjoyed for the longest period was the Centre for International Services and it became responsible for the most extensive range of activities during the 21st century. In addition to administering the "Programme of Support of Czech Cultural Heritage Abroad", the AKTION Czech Republic-Austria programme and the CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies) programme, in 2007 it incorporated a significant entity in the National Agency for European Educational Programmes (NAEP). At that point the third period of European Union educational programmes began, with the launch of the Lifelong Learning programme, which followed on from its predecessors, the Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci programmes. The Lifelong Learning Programme - LLP, led to the establishment of the NAEP, which became part of the DZS under the mandate of the MEYS. The NAEP coordinates European educational programmes in the Czech Republic and, in assigned areas, mediates the drawdown of EU funds.

With the increase in its activities, the organisational structure of DZS was unified through organisational sections - departments. Two departments emerged, which cover a traditional agenda and focus on the administration of the Centre as a whole: the Coordination Department (including organisational departments and the Rezidence Dlouhá 17 residential facility) and the Economics Department. Additional departments have been named and organised primarily according to the target groups focused on by the programmes they administer: Department of Primary Education, Professional Training, Bilateral and Multilateral Programmes, Tertiary Education and Lifelong Learning. 

The activities of the Centre for International Cooperation in Education continue to expand. One of the latest additions was the transfer to DZS in 2012 of part of the activities of the defunct Institute for Information in Education and in October 2013 the National Youth Agency and Eurodesk became affiliated with DZS. On 1 October 2013, the Centre for International Cooperation acquired its current name (originally the Centre for International Services), which better captured its area of activities.


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