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AIA provides information on MEYS offers of funded postings abroad for students and academic staff of state universities, secondary school students (in France and Germany) based on international agreements, and on opportunities for internships and seminars for teachers of French and German.

Scholarships based on international agreements

Scholarships based on bilateral international agreements are offered to students and academic staff at state universities in the Czech Republic.

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Information for Foreign Departments coordinators concerning the selection of scholarship holders

There are two systems for selecting scholarship holders:

  • Selection procedure
  • Quota system

Quota system

  • Scholarship places are allocated to selected universities

    Only applicants from the selected universities can apply for these places. Each year the selected universities with allocated scholarship places are changed. The Foreign Departments of the selected universities are informed of the allocation of scholarship places.

    Applications for scholarships allocated under the quota system are submitted to the Rector’s Office of the Foreign Department. The Foreign Department will invite applicants to submit a Proposal for a posting/Application for a scholarship. The Rector’s Office will decide on the selection and nomination of applicants.

    The Foreign Department itself will set the deadline for submission of applications. It is obviously bound by the deadline set out in the scholarship, by which it will deliver applications from the nominated applicants to the MEYS (Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Department of Foreign Relations, Karmelitská 529/5, 118 12 Prague 1).   

Information for staff of Foreign Departments concerning reimbursement of travel expenses

Travel expenses of students and academic staff of state universities who are posted abroad for study and research stays on the basis of international agreements are refunded by the university. The refund of documented travel expenses takes place twice a year and only international travel is refunded, i.e. a single return journey from the Czech Republic to the place of residence (or to the capital city of the host country), if international travel is so defined in the respective international agreement. 

Who is entitled to a refund on travel expenses?

  • Only candidates nominated for a scholarship under an international agreement which explicitly stipulates that the sending party (the MEYS) has an obligation to pay for international travel are entitled to a refund of travel expenses.
  • The foreign party must subsequently confirm acceptance of the nominated candidates.

How do you request a refund?

  • Travel expenses are refunded by the posting university in the form of a contribution.
  • The university will provide a contribution to cover the travel expenses of students and academic staff twice a year, in response to a request.

Deadlines for submitting a request for a contribution in 2021 are:

  • Contribution for the first half-year: requests must be submitted by 19 July, 2021
  • Contribution for the second half-year: requests must be submitted from 20 July to 15 November, 2021

In exceptional cases, when the student or academic member of staff travels, or purchases a plane/train ticket during a period when it is not possible to submit the plane/train ticket for refund by the deadline on 8 November of the given year, the university can inform the MEYS that it has received an additional request for a refund from a student or academic member of staff by email ( Based on this fact, the university will be invited to change or supplement the original request before a decision is issued. 

Procedure for submitting a request

  • The state university should only send a request for a contribution once every six months (it is recommended that applications be collected from the individual faculties by the deadline set out above and be sent once every six months to the MEYS).
  • Request forms are available for download in section "Forms" on the right side and on MEYS websites.
  • Universities submit requests for refunds to the Department of Foreign Relations of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (Karmelitská 5, 118 12 Prague 1) in writing or electronically to the ministry’s data box.

A refund request must contain:

  • All the particulars listed in Section 14 (3) of Act No. 218/2000 Coll. on budgetary rules and amending certain related Acts (Budgetary Rules) 
  • A list of names of the students and academic staff who have travelled abroad, with the destination (country and town of the study or research posting), the dates of their stay abroad (from – to) and the amount of money requested, copies of plane/train tickets and payment receipts. 

Processing of requests

Whether the university refunds the plane/train ticket itself, or reimburses the expenses when it has received a refund, depends on the university’s internal procedures.

The Department of International Relations at the MEYS will confirm the legitimacy of individual requirements.

The contact person at the Department of International Relations is Mgr. Jitka Plecitá (tel.: 234 812 106, e-mail:


  • Only international travel is refunded, namely direct or connecting travel (with no unnecessary breaks in the journey). 
  • Travel in the CR and public transport in the CR and abroad, visa fees, vaccinations etc may not be included in the refund request.
  • The price of plane/train tickets purchased in a foreign currency is converted to CZK at the exchange rate valid on the day the ticket was purchased.


Plane/train tickets purchased in the 2021 calendar year cannot be refunded under any circumstances in the following year, i.e. 2022.