EduCafé – Bridging the STEM gender gap through (and in) education

The debate on "Bridging the STEM gender gap through (and in) education" will take place on 10 May at StamEuropa in Brussels.

The Czech Liaison Office for Education and Research in Brussels (CZELO) and the Representation of the South Moravian Region to the EU in Brussels (KJMK) are co-organising another education discussion, the so-called EduCafé, which targets not only education experts but also all those interested in the given topic from the general public. The debate will be held in English.  

The spring edition of EduCafé will focus on the topic of gender inequality in education, especially the unbalanced representation of girls and boys in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education. How to tackle low engagement of girls in these study fields and consequently careers? What is the role of education, be it initial or continuous, formal or informal, in bridging the gender divide? The panellists will discuss the state of play in the Czech educational system as well as general trends and tendencies across the EU. They will also share good practice examples and policy developments from Czechia. 

The speakers will be Johana Jonáková from Gender Studies, a non-profit organisation being an information, consultation and training centre on gender equality in society, and Olga Maximová from Czechitas, a non-profit organisation focusing on life-long training of girls and women aiming at improving their IT skills and helping them start their IT careers.  

The debate will be moderated by Zdeňka Trachtová, foreign correspondent of the Czech Radio in Brussels.  

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