Wales is working on its own international exchange programme


The programme aims to promote reciprocity, include staff mobility, strategic partnerships and the youth.

On 21 March, the Welsh government announced its own International Learning Exchange Programme for Wales. The programme should offer a wider range of opportunities than the Turing scheme, which is currently being prepared by the UK government.

First mobilities and internships should start in the academic year 2022/2023. The programme is scheduled until 2026, with a budget allocation of £ 65 million. Up to 30 % of the budget should be used to fund incoming mobility. In the first four years, Wales would like to support 15 000 outbound mobilities and welcome 10 000 participants from abroad.

The programme will try to keep international exchanges in a similar way to Erasmus+. Especially, to maintain its reciprocity and focus on all target groups – including academic and non-academic staff, youth, further education and adult learners. Strategic partnerships will also be an important part of the programme. It will be crucial both to ensure the continuation of the existing partnerships created within the Erasmus+ and to create the new ones.

More information can be found on the Welsh government website.