Study in Czechia – the new brand for international presentation

Czechia has changed its presentation strategy abroad. Therefore, Study in the Czech Republic is becoming Study in Czechia.

The abbreviated name Czechia has been recognised as the official and equivalent name of our country since 2016. Consequently, it is officially used at the UN and in the EU. However, the Commission for the Unified Presentation of the Czech Republic Abroad established the Czechia variant as the preferred one only last year. The motivation behind this decision is to unify practices with other European countries, most of which use a shortened version of their names, as well as to make it more natural to use in everyday communication. The full name Czech Republic remains reserved for official debate. Explanations and practical advice on how to deal with both name variants were already issued in 2016 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the document “How to refer to the Czechia abroad”. 

Individual state agencies, ministries and their organisations will now gradually implement the name Czechia in their strategies. The same change is taking place in the field of sports. To remain consistent, we have also renamed our initiatives aimed at international students and alumni and will now present ourselves under the names Study in Czechia and Czechia Alumni.

The first international event we will participate in under the new name and with the modified logo will be the APAIE International Fair, which will take place in Bangkok on March 13-17. 

“Unified international presentation is indispensable for building a positive image of a country. It stands to reason that consistent portrayal of Czechia is also in the interest of the Czech National Agency for International Education and Research (DZS) as it helps us to promote our country as a reliable partner in education, science and research, as well as an attractive study destination. Therefore, by changing the name of our initiatives, we support the efforts to unify Czech international communication and thus build the brand of the country,” concludes Michal Uhl, the director of DZS, who is also a member of the Commission.  

Study in Czechia logo