The new European Bauhaus will contribute to the more sustainable Europe and to the transformation of environment for life


The new European Bauhaus (NEB) is a creative interdisciplinary initiative of the European Commission. The NEB unites the goals of the Green Deal for Europe and the Renovation wave strategy and connects them with the social and cultural movement. It also aims to positively transform society and public space. Overall, the mission of the NEB is to create more attractive and sustainable living environment on the European continent, in which new ways of living will be designed. The initiative combines approaches and perspectives from the fields of science, technology, innovation, architecture, design, culture, sociology, ecology and sustainability. This initiative is based on a triangle formed by three core areas − 1. sustainability, 2. aesthetics / style and 3. inclusivity / accessibility and affordability.

The NEB is currently in the phase of co-design, running from October 2020 to summer 2021. In this phase, the citizens can contribute to the creation of this movement by sending their ideas, views and comments from their living environment in the following categories: 1. Exemples 2. Ideas  & Visions 3. Challenges & Needs, through the Collector online platform. Ideas and comments are collected also during the various NEB dedicated events, such the New European Bauhaus conference (22.–23 April 2021).

More information about the NEB iniciative can be found on the website of the NEB iniciative.