Mission Innovation Ministerial meeting launches a new mission the clean hydrogen economy


On 2 June 2021 the 6th Mission Innovation Ministerial meeting took place in Chile. On this occasion, the European Commission and ministers from several European countries, Australia, Canada, Chile, India, Republic of Korea, the US and another countries made a joint commitment to collaborate on a Clean Hydrogen Mission, for now planned for five years.

The mission will create an alliance between countries, businesses, investors and research institutes to accelerate innovation on clean hydrogen. The aim is to accelerate building a global clean hydrogen economy in line with the European Green Deal objectives. Another goal is to reduce by 2030 the costs of clean hydrogen to the end user to 2 dollar per kilogram and to create at least 100 large-scale integrated hydrogen valleys worldwide which include the production, storage, and distribution of hydrogen to end-users.

More information on the website of the European Commission.