Join us for CZEDUCON pre-conference on ethics in research and education


The event is part of the CZEDUCON conference and will take place on 21 November in Brno.

CZELO would like to kindly invite you to the CZEDUCON pre-conference session on Ethics in Research and Education. The event will take place on 21 November in Brno.

CZEDUCON is a meeting platform for experts and practitioners in the field of internationalization of higher education institutions and it has become the largest event of its kind in Central Europe.

Ethical conduct enhances the trustworthiness and credibility of both research and educational institutions. In research, ethical practices help build trust among participants, stakeholders and the public, increasing the reliability of research findings. In education, ethical behaviour among educators fosters trust between teachers, students and parents, creating a positive learning environment. 


The EU has been actively engaged in promoting ethics in research through various policy frameworks and initiatives. Ethical considerations in research are essential to ensure the responsible and transparent conduct of research activities. Among many other initiatives, the EU has incorporated ethical considerations into its research funding programmes and criteria, ensuring that research projects align with ethical standards and societal values. 

The same applies to the field of education. The EU's policy framework on ethics in education primarily centres on fostering inclusive, high-quality education systems that uphold fundamental European values, such as democracy, human rights, academic freedom and social inclusion. 

By attending this event, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the ethical framework in research and education at both EU and national levels and will learn about best practices from Czechia´s neighbouring countries.   

Register via the registration form. More information can be found in the attached document and on the CZEDUCON webpage.