Higher education and mobility: EU–UK cooperation after Brexit


What are the visions of the Turing scheme and the Welsh programme? Minutes from the IGLO HE WG meeting on the future EU–UK coop.

The United Kingdom has decided to end its participation in the Erasmus+ program after leaving the EU. Therefore, the government is now preparing its own Turing scheme – a scholarship programme, that will fund study and work mobilities for students from UK universities. £ 110 million has been allocated to support about 35 000 students during the first year of the programme.

On 21 March, the Welsh government announced its own International Learning Exchange Program for Wales. The program should run from the academic year 2022/2023 to 2026. During the first four years, it will support 15 000 outgoing mobilities from Wales and welcome 10 000 incoming participants. The Welsh government has allocated £ 65 million to the programme, with up to 30 % of the budget dedicated for the inbound mobility.

Both programmes are now in the preparatory phase. Their current state was presented at the IGLO HE WG meeting by Vivienne Stern (UUKi association) and Catherine Marston (Welsh Higher Education in Brussels). Claire Herrmann (DG EAC) presented possible forms of cooperation between the UK and the EU within the Erasmus+ programme. More information can be found in the minutes (CZ).