Guideline Paper on including the principles of Open science and Gender equality to the research evalution


On 2 June 2021 European research area and innovation committee (ERAC) published ERAC ‘Triangle Task Force’ Guideline Paper on ‘Research evaluation in a context of Open Science and gender equality’. It contains guidelines for making changes to the evaluation process and methods, in line with the principles of open science and gender equality. The aim of the guidelines is to ensure that the principles of open science are implemented in a way that they foster gender equality and tackle the inequalities that are linked to current evaluation systems. In the long run, open science and gender equality should be considered a common and obvious part of research activities.

The report addresses six general principles that are considered central to achieving such an evaluation: Encourage a responsible attitude in research evaluation, Promote inclusiveness and collective involvement in the design of Open Science and research evaluation policies, Foster transparency in research evaluation and trustworthiness in the added value of Open Science and gender equality etc. The guidelines also provide information on the situation in selected EU countries and examples of good practice used in these European countries and their research institutions. The document also gives a wide list of references for the topic of Open Science and Gender Equality.

More information in the guidelines accessible online.