The European Commission has launched a new policy platform on the European Research Area


One of the Commission's objectives is to use this platform to raise awareness of the ERA and its achievements.

The new policy platform will serve as a one-stop shop for a complete overview of current European Research Area (ERA) policies and activities.

Since 2000, the ERA has represented the shared ambition of the EU Member States and the European Commission (in close collaboration with countries associated to the Research and Innovation Framework Programmes and R&D stakeholders) to create a single market for research, innovation, and technology without borders across Europe.

The platform is part of the new ERA governance framework and the Pact for Research and Innovation (R&I) in Europe. The platform will:

  • provide updated information on the execution of the ERA policy framework and its actions,
  • provide information on actions within the EU that contribute to development in ERA areas,
  • feature all the elements of the ERA monitoring mechanism,
  • provide a publicly accessible repository for important EVP-related documents and reports,
  • function as a hub for communication for all parties involved in accomplishing the EVP objectives.