European Commission has adopted two work programmes 2023–2024 for the Digital Europe Programme


Work programmes include strategic investments that are essential to the creation of the Europe's Digital Decade.

European Commission has adopted two new work programmes 2023-2024 for the Digital Europe Programme with the financial allocation of almost 1.3 billion EUR.

The main work programme 2023-2024 (over 900 million EUR) will support areas such as data, artificial intelligence (AI), advanced digital skills or climate and environment protection technologies.

Supported projects will focus on rollout of common data spaces (part of the European strategy for data), faster adoption of AI technologies, projects addressing climate and environment protection or delivery of higher education courses in advanced digital technologies. The main work programme will also focus on providing support to start-ups through an investment platform for strategic digital technologies. Finally, projects in the area of digital public services, digitalisation of justice and consumer protection or fight against disinformation will be supported.

The second work programme (375 million EUR) on cyber security, will focus on strengthening the EU collective resilience against cyber threats and cyber security strategy. It will also support projects that address the compliance with cybersecurity regulatory requirements (NIS2 implementation) or requirements concerning the proposed Cyber Resilience Act.

You can find the work programme on the web of Digital Europe.