CZEDUCON 2023 - Alumni Talks: A Symphony of Global Experience

Lucie Matějková, Czechia Alumni

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In the heart of Brno, CZEDUCON 2023 unfolded as a tapestry of global experiences, with Anjanette, Stuart, and Novinta taking centre stage to share their transformative journeys through Czechia. The Alumni Talks session provided a platform for these alumni to offer insights into their challenges, triumphs, and the invaluable lessons learned during their academic pursuits in the heart of Europe and the impact on their current life. During the talk we had a chance to dvelve into an informal discussion among  three alumni of the Masaryk University, Stuart, Anjanette and Novinta.


Bridging Cultures and Breaking Barriers

Anjanette's decision to study in Brno was not just a choice of academic pursuit; it was a deliberate step toward expanding her linguistic horizons and diving into the realm of international relations. Overcoming the challenges of being the first student in her English program, Anjanette, who is a former STUDY IN ambassador, found Brno to be a surprisingly warm and welcoming community. „If you keep in touch with alumni you are bound to have connections wherever you go.“ Her narrative extended beyond textbooks as she actively collaborated with the Ministry of Interior and NGOs, overcoming language barriers along the way. Anjanette experienced an academic environment where she always felt equal and fair approach from the professors who were very professional and friendly. Today, Anjanette channels her skills as a Community Management & Social Media specialist at Bohemia Interactive.

From Serendipity to Healing Humanity

Stuart's journey to Czechia was a serendipitous accident, discovering the allure of Brno through an English program advertisement. His story isn't just about medical studies; it's a testament to the power of personal connections and community support. The professors took time to know us. Nobody wants a doctor who does not know the difference between an elbow and an ear, so they were hard on us, but it made sense “. Stuart, now a Doctor at Blansko Hospital, emphasized the vital role of the Czech language in his daily life, fostering connections and understanding. His experience underscores the strength of an open and friendly community, a lifeline during shared challenges such as the global pandemic. People might think that Prague is the best and only option to choose when coming to Czechia for studies or work. In Stuart case it was a bit different and he claims: "Já su Brňák" with pride and joy.

Dreams Realized and Professional Triumphs

Novinta's dream of European education led her to Czechia, navigating the unexpected challenge of a global pandemic. „Teachers and professors were all amazing and came from many countries, so it is very international environment.“ After graduation, she found motivation to learn the language because of her living situation (dorms are available only to current students), which opened her doors to many other post-graduate opportunities. Novinta actively applied to jobs, engaged in sustainability initiatives, and leveraged her Masaryk alumni network for career growth. Today, she serves as a Global Marketing Specialist at Zebra Technologies, applying her skills on the global stage.

The three alumni had a chance to meet with the Vice-rector for Internationalisation, Petr Suchý, the Director of Centre for International Cooperation, Violeta Osouchová and the Head of International Marketing Division, Jakub Motyčka at the Masaryk University during the event. Stuart, Anjanette and Novinta shortly exchanged their nostalgia over studying at the university and touched upon the current and future opportunities of using AI tools in their current proffesion as presented in the earlier during the session on  "Experts on digital trends and their implementation in companies"  by Filip Dřímalka

The CZEDUCON 2023 Alumni Talks presented a symphony of global experiences, showcasing the resilience, community bonds, and cultural integration of international alumni of Czech universities in Czechia. Anjanette, Stuart, and Novinta's stories echo the spirit of adaptable, diverse global citizens. As the curtain fell on their narratives, the resounding message was clear: Czechia isn't just a destination for education; it's a transformative adventure that molds individuals into global citizens, each with a unique tale of success and growth.

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