The Commission launched the EU science diplomacy working groups


The Commission received over 500 applications that demonstrated the significant interest in the working groups.

The European Commission is forming informal working groups to generate ideas for defining a future European framework for science diplomacy. The decision follows the recently published Global Approach Implementation Report. In connection with science diplomacy, the report mentions its growing importance, which is influenced by several factors (e.g., increasing complexity of global challenges or the impact of emerging technologies, etc.). On the other hand, the document underlines that the science diplomacy is currently not sufficiently coordinated by the EU and lacks a pan-European approach.

  • Considering this matter, at the beginning of October this year, the Commission published a call for expressions of interest to participate in one of the following five working groups:
  • Using science diplomacy strategically to tackle geopolitical challenges in a fragmented, multipolar world.
  • Making European diplomacy more strategic, effective and resilient through scientific evidence and foresight.
  • Strengthening science diplomacy in Delegations and Embassies and fostering the EU’s global science diplomacy outreach.
  • Building capacity for European science diplomacy.
  • Sross-cutting group on definition, principles and EU added value of European science diplomacy.

The European Commission has now made public the list of selected experts as well as the co-chairs of the working groups. Would you like to learn who represents the Czech Republic? The full list of experts is available on the European Commission's website.