We conducted the first survey among foreign graduates of Czech universities

97% of them recommend studying in the Czech Republic.

The survey focused on their relationship to the Czech Republic, their evaluation of their studies and career. This is a follow-up to the research on foreign students and their motivation to study in the Czech Republic from 2020.

The research was conducted as part of the Czech Republic Alumni programme activities, under which DZS maintains contact with foreign alumni of Czech universities, develops their relationship with the Czech Republic and thus strengthens good image of the Czech Republic abroad.


"I believe that through the experience of individuals abroad, bonds are being formed between countries that deepen the possibilities for cooperation and networking in the future. It's not just the personal experiences a student brings back from abroad but also a relationship with the country and culture. I am convinced that thanks to these connections, we create a world full of cooperation and belonging," explains Michal Uhl, Director of DZS.

Relationship to the Czech Republic

The majority of full degree programmes graduates (70%) declare that they had a positive or definitely positive attitude towards the Czech Republic before they started their studies. Most of them (56%) state that their relationship with the Czech Republic has improved as a result of their studies. The main reasons for this improvement, according to them, are contacts in the Czech Republic, better understanding of local society and culture and satisfaction with the quality of higher education. If we focus only on graduates from countries other than Slovakia, we can see that exactly half of them had a positive attitude towards the Czech Republic before starting their studies. 68% of them perceived an improvement in their relationship with the Czech Republic thanks to their studies. 98% of them would recommend studying in the Czech Republic.

Graduates who spent a short-term study stay in the Czech Republic, mostly with the support of the Erasmus+ programme, had a positive or clearly positive attitude towards the Czech Republic in 49% of cases before they started their stay. 87% of these graduates report an improved relationship after their stay in the country. 96% of them would recommend studying in the Czech Republic.

Vast majority of alumni report they continue to follow events in the Czech Republic after finishing their studies, regardless of whether they studied full degree study programme or stayed only for a short-term study stay in the Czech Republic.

„I consider the connection between the West and East countries  one of the most interesting parts of the Czech culture. I find the people in the Czech Republic very cultured, intelligent and polite. They should be proud of their country and history, and they should stand up for it,“ one of the respondents said.

Situation after studies

After completing a full degree programme, exactly half of the surveyed graduates chose the Czech Republic as a place to live. More than 20% did so for personal reasons, 45% for work reasons and 17% decided to continue their studies in the Czech Republic. One-third of the surveyed graduates of full degree programme returned to their home country after completing their studies. Graduates of short-term study stays usually return to their home country. Only 5% stayed in the Czech Republic for personal or professional reasons. However, a large majority of alumni said they had considered staying in the Czech Republic after finishing their study stay.

Vast majority of respondents is currently employed or runs their own business. Almost three-fifths of the alumni of full degree programmes work in the field they studied in the Czech Republic, with the health and social care, business, administration and law, and natural sciences, mathematics and statistics being the most represented fields of study among the respondents.

Among the most significant benefits of studying in the Czech Republic for career purposes, respondents rank acquired qualifications, international perspective, competitiveness in the labour market and prestige.

Work experience

69% of all foreign alumni have worked during their stay in the Czech Republic. Finding a job or starting a business is rated as easy or very easy by 81% of them. Entering the labour market is particularly easy for students from Slovakia, 88% of whom rate finding a job as easy. Students from other countries perceive finding a job as easy in 68% of cases.

“Finding a job as a person living in a foreign country is relatively easy. However, the variety of jobs is lacking. After a few years of experience, I managed to start my own company and have been doing it since 2017," says one of the respondents.

The full report of the survey is available here:

Survey among international alumni of Czech universities