Towards a European Strategy for Universities


Future concept of Higher Education Institutions bridging education, research, innovation and contribution to society!

#EuropeanStrategyForUniversities was one of the main topics of this year's Research and Innovation Days, organized by the European Commission on 23-24 June 2021.

As announced, the Commission intends to create a transformation agenda for the higher education (HEI) sector by 2025. Obviously, such a transformation is soon about to happen through a new EUROPEAN STRATEGY FOR UNIVERSITIES, which is expected to be presented early 2022.

The main objective of the Strategy is to cover the four main missions of higher education institutions: "Research, Education, Innovation, Contribution to Society" and thus to create stronger synergies between the European Research Area and European Education Area.

More precisely, the Strategy aims to:

  • empower the HEI sector in accelerating the changes necessary to make the sector more inclusive and more connected, sustainable and open;
  • turn the diversity of the European HEI landscape into a strength and make it competitive and attractive worldwide;
  • help Member States prioritise investments and strengthen its public education and science system in a coordinated manner, while accelerating the joint implementation of European Education Area and European Research Area actions.

The existing "European Universities" play a crutial role in the framework of the Strategy, since these alliances are consulted as "pioneers" of the whole transformation process.