Quality Label for Humanitarian Aid Volunteering – Call 2021

The EACEA agency introduced full application procedure of the accreditation scheme necessary for humanitarian aid volunteering.

During the online information session held on 30 June 2021, EACEA presented detailed information on the objectives and criteria of this call aiming at organizations wishing to participate only in volunteering activities in support of humanitarian aid operations.

The Quality Label for Humanitarian Aid Volunteering (Quality Label for HAV) certifies that an organization is able to carry out high quality solidarity activities in compliance with the requirements of the action ‘European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps’.

This certification varies from the "Quality Label" issued directly by the National Agencies of the EU Member States. Obtaining such a quality label is a prerequisite for participation in volunteering activities - however not in those involving humanitarian aid.

The info event targeted organizations who are new to the action and do not have a valid certification from the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative - these have to through the "Full procedure" of application process. The EACEA Agency is planning another info day in July for organizations with a valid EU Aid Volunteers Initiative certification to follow the “Light procedure”. 

The call is currently open in the F&TO Portal. The applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals on a continuous basis, however organizations willing to take part in Humanitarian Aid Volunteering projects under the call of 2022 are obliged to complete the submission process for Quality Label for HAV by 22 September 2021 (17:00) latest. Only then the Agency can guarantee they will manage to award the certification in time before the deadline of the 2022 call.

Once awarded, the organization is eligible to apply for volunteering projects in humanitarian aid operations within the whole programming period of 2021-27.

More information about the call and the action is available in the European Solidarity Corps Programme Guide.