New Sport Calls: Preparatory actions and Pilot project


Integration of refugees, grassroots programmes and infrastructure innovation, anti-doping. Three calls are open until June 16.

In May, three additional calls were announced in the field of sport, two preparatory actions (PA):

and one pilot project (PP):

EACEA organized info seminar in Brussels on 3 June, minutes (CZ) are available. The calls have been published on the F&T Portal with the deadline for submission on 16 June 2021, 5:00 PM (Brussels time).

What are pilot projects and preparatory actions?

Pilot projects and preparatory actions are an initiative of the European Parliament, which also decides their scope and budget. Since 2021, the calls are managed by the EACEA. It is a mono-beneficiary type of project that serves to prepare future EU activities in the field of sport. 

Pilot Project is an initiative of an experimental nature designed to test the feasibility of an action and its usefulness. Preparatory Action is normally the successor of a successful pilot project on the same matter. It is designed to prepare new actions like EU policies, legislation, programmes etc.

EACEA plans to support 15 projects with a budget of € 5.23 million this year.

  • PA budget: € 2 million is allocated to each call, which should support around 7 projects in each PA. The maximum amount of the grant for a project under the refugees call is 200 thousand euros, under the grassroots call 400 thousand euros.
  • PP budget: only one project will be funded, for which € 1.5 million is allocated.