Join #EducationForClimate Coalition


The Coalition was formed at the beginning of 2021 with the ambition to mobilize educational institutions as well as individuals

- both teachers/academic staff and students as soon as possible in order to enable them to contribute with their concrete steps to tackling climate change and at the same time help to activate the wider community - by example, through communication with regional and national political representation or with educational activities focused on climate change issues.

The Coalition is the initiative by the Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, and as Mariya Gabriel herself emphasizes, the Coalition will not work by the means of consolidating already existing initiatives. The members of the Coalition will be able to disseminate their best practice examples among one another through the online platform much faster, and moreover, they will have new tools available for their implemented actions.

On June 22, the Commission held the first gathering of all community members and education stakeholders that have been involved in the Coalition co-design. A draft online platform was presented, where all the members will be able to share their specific climate commitments and measures related to teacher training, environmental skills development or environmental education.

The community is being formed just now! In the period of 7-11/2021, numerous discussion seminars will take place, where the Coalition management and governance, as well as the challenges to be covered by the specific actions will be discussed and established.

Thus, get involved, share your experience with environmental projects or be inspired by others to help co-create a climate-neutral and sustainable European Union.

For more information, please, check the Education for Climate Coalition website, which would also link you to the launch event stream. You can also read through the event minutes here.