EP approves the appointment of Iliana Ivanova to the post of Commissioner


Today, she will take up her post in the innovation, research, culture, education and youth agenda.

Ivanova will take over the portfolio from Maryia Gabriel, who left the post earlier this year to become deputy head of the newly formed Bulgarian government.

After last week's successful "grilling", the approval during today’s plenary session in Strasbourg is not a surprise. The Committee for Industry, Research and Energy and the Committee for Culture and Education interviewed the candidate on September 5, after which she received positive feedback. In the hearings, she emphasized economic and technological security and maintaining European competitiveness in technology.

Iliana Ivanova has been active in EU circles since 2009, when she started as a member of the European Parliament. In 2013, she became an economist at the European Court of Auditors, a position she held until now.

She will stay in office for less than a year, until the parliamentary elections in June.

Find more in the press release of the European Parliament.