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The second EduCafé of this year will introduce the topic of EdTech and the use of digital technologies in education.

The CZELO office invites you to the next edition of an informal EduCafé discussion evening, this time on the topic of EdTech - Education and Technologies working together. The event will take place on Wednesday 5 June at the Kamilou Café in Brussels. Michal Černý, supervisor of the Master's Degree in Technology in Education (EdTech) from Masaryk University, Michal Hudeček, CEO of the Levebee app, and Ingrid Beňačková from the European School, Brussels I have accepted the invitation to the debate. The evening will be moderated by Angeliki Psychogyiou from the ACA association. 

The EduCafé will focus on the development and use of digital technologies in education in order to enhance learning and improve students' development and outcomes. We will discuss the role of universities, including their cooperation with EdTech companies and with schools at other levels of education or how we should work with data. We will introduce one of the successful Czech EdTech companies, Levebee, which offers innovative ways to teach math, including personalized learning, and which is currently also used in many European countries. This will be complemented by a practical example from the European School, Brussels I, where pupils are actively using the app. There will also be a reflection on the advantages and disadvantages of using digital technologies in education and the potential risks. 

EduCafé is a discussion evening for experts and those interested in education from the general public. Come and listen to a debate on this current issue and get your questions answered in an informal setting. Register today.