The Council adopted Recommendation on learning for environmental sustainability


Member States have committed to making learning for sustainability a priority in their education systems.

On 16 June 2022, the Council of the European Union adopted a Council Recommendation on learning for environmental sustainability, highlighting the role of education in acheiving the objectives of the Green Deal. Teaching and learning about environmental sustainability should be part of education at all levels, including curricula and teacher professional development, while at the same time the infrastructure or buildings providing education should also be environmentally friendly and sustainable.  

The newly adopted Recommendation therefore provides a roadmap for Member States to promote learning and teaching for green transformation and sustainable development at all stages of education and training so that education systems can provide knowledge, skills and encourage actions and decisions that promote sustainability. The adopted Recommendation recommends that Member States among others make education for sustainable development a priority in education, provide education in formal, non-formal and informal settings, support professional development of teachers in sustainability or provide evidence-based and accessible information on the climate, environmental and biodiversity crisis and its causes.  

This recommendation is accompanied by a handbook presenting examples of good practice and best practice from different European countries.

For more information, see the Recommendation or the Council's website.