Capacity Building in the Field of Youth - Call 2021

Erasmus+ CZELO

Another opportunity for this target group to apply this year for financial support directly from the EACEA executive agency.

The Call 2021 builds on the successful support for youth projects in the previous programming period, now with a budget of € 8 million. The deadline for submitting project applications is July 1, 2021 until 5:00 p.m.

This call has been opened and managed by the EACEA executive agency, all grant applications are to be submitted newly via the single point - Funding & Tenders Opportunities Portal.

This year's call focuses only on the regions of the Western Balkans (with an allocation of € 3 million) and the Southern Mediterranean (with € 5 million). Only organizations from the partner country may be the coordinator, and the so-called LUMP SUM project financing scheme is applied.

More details on this specific call for proposals can be found in the minutes of the EACEA information seminar.