#BeActive Award nominations were announced


Nominate inspirational projects or individuals promoting sport and physical activity until 24 July.

Like in previous years, individuals and projects can be nominated in 3 categories:

  • #BeActive Education Award
  • #BeActive Workplace Award
  • #BeActive Local Hero Award – for 18+ individuals

A total of EUR 45,000 will be distributed among 9 winners. The #BeActive Awards are announced by the European Commission as part of the pan-European European Week of Sport event. The aim of this initiative is to reward projects and individuals promoting sport and physical activity. Last year, a Czech triathlete Tomáš Slavata won the Local Hero category.

If you would like to nominate a specific project or individual, contact the national coordinators or partners of the European Week of Sport, who will then submit the nominations to the European Commission.

In the education category, projects that try to motivate children to engage in physical activity outside of school through education are awarded. These include extracurricular activities, teaching outside the classroom or various creative solutions to create an active educational environment.

A workplace can be rewarded if it demonstrates specific ways in which it encourages its employees to engage in physical activity. This can be creation of a working group to support physical activity, providing showers for employees running or cycling to work, standing meetings, lunch walks or other creative solutions to create an active work environment.

local hero can be an individual motivating others within the local community to engage in physical activity and sport.