The Study in the Czech Republic (STUDY IN) initiative promotes Czech higher education abroad and supports the internationalisation of Czech universities. 

Objective of the initiative   

The aim is to introduce potential students from abroad to the opportunities they have to study at university in the Czech Republic. We work actively with foreign graduates and ambassadors and support Czech universities’ international activities.  

STUDY IN activities, channels and outputs include: 

  • the website 
  • a study programme portal 
  • the promotion of study in the Czech Republic on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) 
  • participation in higher education fairs abroad 
  • preparation and distribution of information materials, webinars and presentations 
  • the Czech Republic Alumni programme for all foreign graduates of Czech universities
  • cooperation with Czech embassies and Czech Centres abroad 
  • the mediation of offers of cooperation and the organisation of networking events to establish partnerships between universities and foreign entities 
  • the development of the specialist skills of university staff and an information service for international cooperation and international marketing 
  • cooperation with universities within the STUDY IN working group and contact network 

Who are STUDY IN’s target groups? 

  • Pupils and students

  • Professionals in education

I am a foreign student

  • … and I am applying to study in the Czech Republic

    For those interested in studying at a Czech university, we offer the following on the website at

    • a comprehensive insight into Czech universities 
    • an interactive study portal offering more than 1,000 university study programmes in English and other languages 
    • information on the higher education system and on the visa and admissions processes 
    • an overview of scholarship opportunities 
    • the possibility of contacting a STUDY IN representative or a student ambassador from their country or region; 
    • the experiences of current international students, as reported on our students’ blog. 

During the year, STUDY IN organises a Czech stand at foreign student fairs and virtual events, webinars and Facebook live events. Current events can be found here.

Foreign applicants can also find STUDY IN on Facebook,  Instagram and YouTube. On Facebook there is the Study in the Czech Republic – Official Group, where applicants can interact with current foreign students.  

I am a foreign student

  • … and I am currently studying in the Czech Republic

    Current foreign students can participate in the ambassador programme and share their experiences with new applicants by publishing their profile online, answering student questions, and contributing to our students blog and  Instagram as one of the media ambassador

    Current students have a Facebook group, Study in the Czech Republic – Official Group, where they can discuss and share experiences with other foreign students in the Czech Republic, and can attend get-togethers organised by the STUDY IN initiative and Czech universities.




I am an alumnus

Students can join the Czech Republic Alumni even before they graduate. This programme aims to bring together and support foreign students and graduates who are studying or have studied at Czech universities. The idea is to consolidate their relationship with the Czech Republic. 

The alumni programme:  

  • Brings alumni together in a professional LinkedIn group 
  • Enables alumni to participate in events organised by STUDY IN and its partners 

More about services, benefits and programme registration can be found at STUDY IN website.

I’m a university representative

Information for international partners

Offer for international partners of Czech National Agency for International Education and Czech higher education institutions: 

  1. Find information about Czech higher education institutions:  

    On our website 

    • Section Universities – list of all Czech higher educational institutions with a brief institutional overview
    • Section Programmes – interactive finder of study programmes offered by Czech HEIs
    • Section Meet us – information on upcoming events attended by Czech HEIs

    In publications

    • Czech Higher Education brochure for international cooperation - overview of the Czech higher education system, institutions, internationalisation and cooperation opportunities

    At virtual events

    • Webinars 
    • Virtual fairs 
    • Campaigns on social networks 
  2. Conveying offers for cooperation

    Cooperation offers for Czech universities can be shared with them via our Study in the Czech Republic Contact Network, which consists of representatives of Czech universities’ international offices, Czech embassies and Czech Centres. Please get in touch with us at for details.

  3. Seek and meet partners at international education fairs and Czech higher education institutions’ missions abroad

    Meet the representatives of Czech universities and DZS at international professional and students fairs and networking events abroad.

    Have a look at the photogallery from previous fairs

    In 2021 the Study in the Czech Republic initative is planning a  Czech booth and/or professional networking events alongside the following international fairs:

    In spring 2022 a Mission of Czech universities to Japan and  Korea will be organised. Visit for updates on upcoming events attended by representatives of Czech universities.  

Information service

Every month we publish a newsletter for university representatives with various international education opportunities, including opportunities to participate in foreign education fairs, conferences and workshops. If you are interested, you can subscribe here.