The Study in the Czech Republic (STUDY IN) initiative promotes Czech higher education abroad and supports the internationalisation of Czech universities. 

Objective of the initiative   

The aim is to introduce potential students from abroad to the opportunities they have to study at university in the Czech Republic. We work actively with foreign graduates and ambassadors and support Czech universities’ international activities.  

STUDY IN activities, channels and outputs include: 

  • the website 
  • a study programme portal 
  • the promotion of study in the Czech Republic on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) 
  • participation in higher education fairs abroad 
  • preparation and distribution of information materials, webinars and presentations 
  • the Czech Republic Alumni programme for all foreign graduates of Czech universities
  • cooperation with Czech embassies and Czech Centres abroad 
  • the mediation of offers of cooperation and the organisation of networking events to establish partnerships between universities and foreign entities 
  • the development of the specialist skills of university staff and an information service for international cooperation and international marketing 
  • cooperation with universities within the STUDY IN working group and contact network 

Who are STUDY IN’s target groups? 

  • Pupils and students

  • Professionals in education